The quick and easy way to get more 5 star reviews

Review cards - Google Pop cards

Get more Google reviews in seconds

Pop cards are an innovative and simple way for happy customers to leave you a five star review in seconds.

Hence the name pop cards – one of our most popular types of review cards!

Pop cards feature a customized QR code with a unique link that takes people directly to your Google Business profile where they can leave a review and all at the click of their phone.

Pop cards are designed to be elegantly simple and a great alternative to our classic cards. Strong branding, a customized QR code and the option to use the short code on PCs and tablets means your happy customers are far more likely to leave a review than if unprompted.

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How do they work?

Pop cards work on the principal that you can’t just hope customers will leave you a review. Having a quick and easy way of doing so greatly improves your chances of getting the 5 star review you deserve. By harnessing the powers of QR Code technology, pop cards have revolutionized the way people leave reviews and don’t forget, we do everything for you.

Once you order your pop cards we’ll find your Google Business Profile and build a unique short link to the part of the page where reviews can be left. We’ll create a customized QR code, add your business name and telephone number then provide proofs for checking.

And here’s the clever bit…

Give every satisfied customer a pop card and invite them to scan the QR Code with the camera on their phone. They will be taken directly to your Google profile where they can leave a review in seconds.

The customer can also keep the card for leaving a review at their convenience and also as a reminder of your business and contact details – how cool is that!

Key benefits of pop card at a glance

Simple and effective – happy customers can leave a review in seconds
Easy to order – we do all the work and provide proofs before we print them
Great quality – Printed in full colour on quality matte card
Outrank your competitors – More reviews are a proven way of ranking higher on Google

Why reviews are so important for the modern business that wants to attract more local enquiries…

Reviews are everywhere, on TV and in adverts with companies always boasting about their thousands of reviews and for a good reason – people trust them! It’s the same for your Google Business Profile. The more reviews you have the more potential customers will trust you. That’s why getting more 5 star reviews is so important if you want to outrank your local competitors.

And that’s why pop cards are so popular – they are the step up the ladder your business deserves and a huge advantage in getting more footfall and enquiries

What’s the difference between pop cards and review cards?

Although they fulfil the same function by helping customers leave a review, Pop cards are a sleeker, simpler design with a branded QR code. Review cards often contain more contact information while Pop cards are more review centric.

No – we’ll create the short link and QR code for you.

The simple answer is people trust them. Research has shown that in many cases, consumers judge a business on their reviews and often rely on them more than recommendations from people they know!

Google operates on the basis that all reviews are genuine which means people have to be signed into their Google account to leave a review. The good news is that the vast majority of people have an account and are automatically logged in on the phone!

Yes, although the shape and design of your logo will determine where it fits. The Ideal shape is a letter box, but with only limited space on the cards, our studio will create a design that best works. In some cases, we may use a combination of your logo and plain text.

Yes – absolutely. Google considers 5 star reviews as one of the most important factors in ranking a Business Profile and the more you have the better. Don’t forget to reply to each and every review too – good and bad!

Pop cards are handy business card size being big enough to hold key information but small enough to keep in a wallet or pocket. They are 3.5 x2 inches and printed on quality 14pt matte finish card.

The first thing to remember is that customers are more likely to leave a review when prompted. That’s when Pop Cards come into their own as they are such a simple idea but so effective. Choose the best time to ask if a customer is happy and received a good service then present the card, explaining how they work and that as a local business, their review will help enormously (play on the feel good factor!). If in doubt, demonstrate or show them how to scan the card on their phone.

Yes, Pop Cards are also available for TripAdvisor and Yelp too. In fact, Dual cards can be designed in any combination such as Google/Yelp, Google Tripadvisor etc – great for giving customer the choice of platform to leave a review on.

Let us know how many locations you have and we’ll provide a bespoke quotation. Over the years we’ve helped numerous larger organisations get more reviews including national hospitality chains, hotels and restaurants.

A QR Code is in essence a 3D bar code. The pattern is created to contain information such as a web link and your phone’s camera reads it, just like when you buy products in the mart and the items are scanned at checkout.