Terms and Conditions

General information

‘Review cards’ and ‘Get More Local Reviews’ are both trading names of QR Webtech. Throughout these terms and conditions QR Webtech shall be referred to ‘The Provider’ or ‘Us’. You, the customer shall be referred to as ‘The Customer’ or ’you’. Reference may be made to Review Cards on our website. This is the term we use to describe our products.

1 – Your Obligation
When purchasing a review cards from us, The Provider, you understand the following conditions that we expect from you:

The details and images you supply to the supplier are accurate and are for a page, listing or website under your ownership or that you are legitimately working on behalf of the owner

The personal details you supply about yourself and your business are accurate and you are the owner of the business or have the authority of the business owner to represent them.
That information supplied by you is yours, or that you have the permission from the lawful owner and that it is free from any third party copyright or usage restriction.
All information supplied by you is not offensive, illegal or designed to be lawfully harmful to other third parties.

We accept all information supplied and orders placed by you in good faith. However, we reserve the right to refuse to supply printing that contravenes any of the details mentioned above.

2 – Warranties and Guarantees
QR Webtech cannot be held responsible for any performance related issues with regards to customer reviews. No guarantees at all are offered and it should be considered that favourable and adverse reviews could be made by which is strictly out of our control. QR Webtech accepts no responsibility for the performance of any printed literature and cannot guarantee any subsequent increase in sales or enquiries.

QR Webtech accepts no responsibility for any losses either actual or consequential that are based on the results of any print related items.

3 – Unforeseen third part action
Review Cards work using the on-line platforms provided by Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Yelp and Trust Pilot and every effort has been made to ensure the short link and QR (Quick Read) code on each card functions correctly. However, QR Webtech cannot be held responsible or liable for any unforeseen amendments, changes (either technological or policy based), withdrawal of service or termination of service out of our control and that renders the review card redundant.

4 – Indemnities
You agree that no action or claims can be brought against the partners, employees and sub-contractors of QR Webtech including but not limited to the following terms –
Any misrepresentation or misleading information about products and services advertised through printing produced by us
Any consequential loss suffered as a consequence of information about products and services advertised through printing produced by us
Any content or information held within a website in our control that infringes any copy right or intellectual rights of a third party
Any adverse reviews received from customers pertaining to a service provided by you.

Any consequential loss caused by adverse reviews from customers pertaining to a service provided by you

5 – Privacy
QR Webtech takes your rights to privacy very seriously and will only collect information for its own purposes such as for billing and production. The details you supply will not be used for anything other than the production of your review cards and will not be sold, rented or leased to any third party.

6 – Completion dates
All dates for producing printed items are given as guidance only. QR Webtech will not be held responsible for any consequential losses suffered as a result of late delivery.

7 – Supplied information
It is your responsibility to check that there are no spelling errors, mistakes or omissions within the information you provide us with and that you are fully satisfied with content on placing an order. Once your review cards have been supplied, if errors are subsequently found, any remedial work will be carried out at your cost.

8 – Changes to print specification
The company retains the right to alter the print specification without notice. This includes weight of stock, size and print finish such as lamination and are subject to the printing specifications available from local, third party suppliers.

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