Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the answers to some of our more frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Customers can leave a review by either scanning the QR code or typing in the unique quick link that appears on each review card. Either way, they will be taken directly to your Google page where they can leave a review in seconds – No more searching on-line and leaving things to chance!

No, we will find the right links, not just the top level links, the links that take your customer to the right place so all they have to do is leave you your review.

No, we don’t need to get any information from your Google account, your login details are yours and should not be shared with anybody unless they are doing work on your Google My Business or Google Local profile for you.

No, we do all of that for you so you don’t have to.

Google announced in May 2018 The Google URL shortner would be closed in March 2019. Goggle suggests that or are the best alternatives. We have opted for the URL shortner.

UK Review Cards are a standard business card size of 85mm x 55mm.

The best shape is landscape, square, round or in fact elliptical and supplied to us in as big a size as possible. The worst type of logo would be thin and upright (portrait), but if you have doubts please contact us.

We can use most of the common file types, jpg, png, pdf.

No worries – Your business name will automatically feature in the “Your Company Name” field and we can make this in your brand colour. Another option is to add your business address. For this option, mention it in the notes section when ordering and leave the rest to us.

No, sorry. Review Cards are designed to go to a single review page.

Yes, on the checkout page there is an optional checkbox that you should tick if you want us to send you a proof.

We use a courier company to deliver your cards to your address. If you have requested a proof, your cards will get delivered within 5 working days. This can change slightly depending on local holidays, but not by much. If you have any questions regardin delivery please contact us.

Included on your Review Card are your business name, contact number, website link and company logo. We create a short link or short code along with a QR code, everything to help a client remember you get in contact with you and leave you the 5 star review you deserve.

Review cards are great value for money with prices starting at just £49.00 for 250 cards and that includes bespoke design and FREE delivery.

We believe so as do the numerous businesses that currently use them. More and more consumers recognise reviews as a trusted way of judging a business online and those with 5-star reviews are more likely to be chosen over those without. Give one to each of your happy customers and see the number of reviews you get grow!

Yes, each set we produce includes your business name, web address, logo and telephone number. Simply upload your logo when placing your order and we’ll do the rest!

Yes – The more reviews that you have on your ‘Google My Business page’ the greater the chance you have of moving up the rankings. After back-links/citations, Google sees social proof as a hugely important factor and reviews are a great way of achieving this.

We sure do – check out our blogs where you’ll find lots of tips and insights into how reviews can boost your business’ local exposure and get more enquiries. We also have a downloadable PDF called “Why local SEO is business critical” which you can download here, and a futher PDF called “All about reviews” you can download here.

Yes, we do Yelp,, Trustpilot and many more, please contact us to get a specific Review Card made.

Give a review card to every customer (especially those who tell you how great you’re service has been!) and offer a little encouragement to support you as a local business. Explain that reviews go a long way to helping you attract more custom and they can help you by leaving a review. The best advice is don’t be embarrassed to ask – If you’ve done a great job you deserve a great review.

Getting reviews is a numbers game and the more cards you give out the more reviews you’ll get. If the odd customer can’t leave one because they don’t have a Google account don’t worry and move on – there’s plenty more fish in the sea (with over 1.4 billion Google accounts out there that’s a lot of fish!!)

We have a seperate service called Get Local Sales that is dedicated to optimising your Google My Business and Google Local pages and profiles. Please use the contact form below and we’ll arrange for a call back.

No, once we have found your reviews link and shortened it, we create the QR code and add it to your cards.

When you go to the checkout page, about halfway down there is a red bar. you can ither drag your logo onto that bar, or click the bar and upload your logo that way.

There are two parts to a link… the front which is and the back, which is often a series of letters and numbers, some capitals and some lower case, and always confusing for the customer to type into their browser. We tailor make the back part of your code to relate to your business, in letters only and all in lowercase so its easier for customers to use.