Google Review Cards for Restaurants

A great way to get more personalised restaurant and hotel reviews on Google.

In the hotel and hospitality industry, a hotel, guest house, B&B, cafe or bar can live or die by the quality of their reviews and a 5 star rating on Google is just as important as other traditional marketing methods.

That’s why Review Cards are so successful.

Includes FREE shipping to mainland USA & Canada.

Thanks to their innovative design and unique ‘short link’, people are taken directly to YOUR Google review page. There, customers will be able to give you a 5 star review while their experience is fresh to mind...and all at the touch of a button or by simply entering a unique digital code.

So whether you run a large hotel or small guest house, own a high-end restaurant or a street side cafe, getting the 5 star reviews your business deserves has just got a whole lot easier...thanks to Review Cards.