Google Review Card – Why You Need One!

How to get reviews on Google My BusinessIf you are the owner of a small or medium business, then you already know all the struggles associated with moving your business online. Setting up a digital domain is challenging enough – but then you need to worry about SEO, making your business stand out from the competition AND driving traffic to your pages! If this all seems like a little much, then you need a Google Review Card. How do you go about this? Luckily you are in the right place to find out!

What Exactly Is a Google Review Card?

A Google Review Card makes it very, very easy for your customers to leave you a review. We all know that more reviews = more local search hits, higher listings and better traffic all around – but how do you get them? There are several websites offering advice on how to drive up your reviews (see this article, from TechWyse, if you want more help on this matter) but there is a foolproof method that works better than anything else you can do online — you can use a Google Review Card.

So, what is it? A Google Review Card is a business card sized card which you can hand to each of your customers. It contains a quick link to your business, a QR code linking directly to the Google review page and is an easy method for your customers to leave a five-star review and the name and address of your business. Google likes them because they also have the Google logo on them, and customers love them because it lets them leave a review either at the click of a button or by scanning the QR code with their phones.

A Google Review Card will drive up your reviews merely because it makes the whole process simple.

Why Do I Need One?

Local SEO is tough to break into. Each review of your small business adds to your online visibility. If you are more easily seen then your services are more easily bought. Perhaps best of all, these cards can be printed off and handed out to older clients who maybe don’t know how to leave a review – but who now have instructions on how to leave one.

Customer Reviews are vital for any online marketing or selling. Nowadays a person will automatically check the reviews of a product or service before they chose it. If you are scoring an average of three stars but your lead competitor has five-star reviews then you are going to lose much business to them over time. Forbes has an interesting article regarding the importance of a sound review system.

Where Can I Buy a Google Review Card of My Own?

You can pick up a Google Review card from Review Cards; the aptly named market leader in all things Google Review. Makes it easier for your clients to find you online, simpler to climb those Google rankings and a more straightforward way to drive traffic to your site all with a little help from Review Cards. You might be surprised how many months of hard online labor you will save yourself just by ordering your Google Review Card online! Try it today, and see for yourself.

How Google Review Cards work.

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