Google Review Cards for restaurants – How Restaurants can get more 5 star reviews.

Reviews aren’t what they used to be – A few years ago, everyone thought they were all made up by family and a waste of time. Today, more people than ever use reviews on Google My Business to judge a restaurant and their importance to local businesses has skyrocketed. It seems everywhere you look, progressive companies are boasting about their customer rating and reviews – so why not make them work for you.

This video explains how restaurants can get more reviews on Google and how important reviews on Google My Business are for restaurants and how review cards can boost your on-line reputation and drive more people through your doors.

Google Review Cards for restaurants.

How review cards for restaurants work

The reality is, every single one of your clients is a potential so reviewer but sometimes even the happiest customer needs a little prompting. That’s why you need to make it easy for them as having a great experience is one thing, following it up is another.

The answer is simple – Give each of your happy customers a review card!

Personalised review cards carry a unique QR code which takes people directly to your Google My Business page, bypassing all the hassle of searching online. A simple tap of their phone and you’ll have the 5 star review you deserve in seconds.

And don’t worry if your customer can’t scan the QR code, there’s also a simple, memorable short link on each card that takes them to the same place.

Each set of bespoke cards are personalised to your Restaurant and includes your telephone number, website and also a place for your servers to write their name. This means they can be mentioned by name in your reviews which is great for moral and perfect if you run a staff incentive scheme.

Why not have a competition to see who can get the most 5 star reviews for your restaurant!

This is all about Google Review Cards for restaurants

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