The quick and easy way to get more 5 star reviews

The long term benefits of reviews

The ‘Enhanced consumer experience’ factor

In this series of blogs we’ve explained the various ways that reviews can directly help your business get more customers and the influence reviews have had on the local business landscape.

But what about the way they can help your business indirectly?

Proactive businesses that actively pursue customer feedback not only get more positive reviews but also naturally up their game. The incentive of a 5 star reviews (or possibility of an adverse one) means service improves and can lead to a more positive attitude among staff.

With every customer being viewed as a potential reviewer everyone has to perform to their best which creates the ‘enhanced customer experience’ within your business.

Therefore – Treat every customer like royalty and always ask for a review!


There’s no doubting the importance of reviews in the modern marketplace, especially for local businesses. More and more people rely on them as part of their decision making process and the business that ignores them is not only missing a great opportunity but also risks being left behind their competitors.

If you do nothing else…at least consider these 5 key aspects.

  • Search for your business on-line and see what you find.
  • Check your local competitors and see how many reviews they have
  • Ask more clients for reviews
  • Make it easy for happy customers to leave you a review
  • Adopt a plan, make it simple and stick to it.

We hope you have found these posts interesting and of benefit – for more concise information about reviews and how they can help your business attract more local enquiries why not visit our blog page;