The quick and easy way to get more 5 star reviews

Top tips on getting more reviews for your business.

Congratulations on ordering your review cards – You have taken the first step in achieving success in getting more reviews for your business and really getting it on the map. To help you along the way, we have listed some top tips on how to use them and to maximise their effectiveness.

Don’t be shy

Make a point of handing a review card to each and every client but don’t forget to explain what they are for. A little prompter goes a long way and don’t be embarrassed to ask – After all, if you’ve done a great job then you deserve a great review

Stuck for what to say?

When asking for a review keep it nice and simple – here are a couple of ideas to break the ice.

“If you’ve had a great experience/been impressed with our service please take a minute to leave us a review. As a local business it really helps us”

“Thanks for visiting us today. We would love it if other people could read about your experience so if you get the chance, please use this card to leave us a review”

“As a local business we rely on reviews to spread the word about what we do and also to maintain our high standards of service. Please use this card to leave us a review”.

It’s all about the timing!

To maximise the chances of getting a 5 star review, choose the time you ask wisely. If someone volunteers a compliment, that’s the time to ask and give them a card. Another good time is near the time they are leaving or waiting for their bill to arrive. A quick prompter when they have a couple of minutes works wonders.

Show them how they work.

If in doubt, don’t be afraid to show your customer how the cards work. Usually people are really impressed with them and will follow your lead and leave a review.

Use social media

With every order we’ll provide you with an image of your review card to use on social media. This is a great way of prompting your followers and past clients to leave you a review.

Get everyone on board.

Explain your tactics for getting more reviews to your staff and get them all on board. Explain how the cards work and even work out a strategy of when to ask and what to say.

The more cards you give out, the more reviews you’ll get!

For businesses that have a high throughput of customers such as a coffee shop, deli or take out restaurant, put a card in every bag that goes out the door. Similarly, attach a review card to every receipt or invoice that gets given to a client.

Use the short link other ways

Your cards will have a short link (starting which can be used to get reviews in other ways. Add it to correspondence or as an email signature or even to make a up mini signs and posters. The possibilities are endless!