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Why on-line reviews are the new word of mouth

Mention reviews to people and you’re bound to get a variety of opinions. Some people love them while others think they are a complete waste of time. One thing’s for sure though, reviews seem to be everywhere. TV adverts, the internet and even on the radio, it seems everyone is using them.

Why is that the case though?

This year we’ve all had to get used to lots of changes. If we’re not flattening the curve and self-isolating we’re creating bubbles and getting used to the ‘new normal’. It’s the same for businesses, especially at the local level. New rules and ever-changing guidance has meant radical changes across every aspect of trading.

However, it’s not been all doom and gloom. While certain sectors have struggled, others such as trades and home improvement companies have prospered but without doubt, the way people shop local has changed.

Remember the old pre-lockdown days when people would congregate at the school gate or meet up in pubs and gyms? If you needed a decent plumber or wanted to know about the new restaurant in town you simply asked those around you.

Not now though. Instead, people use online reviews to judge local companies more so than asking friends and family. After all, quality on-line reviews from 20 strangers count more than the opinion of the bloke down the pub, right?

Reviews really do matter that much.

Right now you may be less than convinced and asking what all the fuss is about. Well, consider this. Google now advertises on TV. They actively encourage people to review local businesses and think that consumer opinion is so important that they will spend millions of pounds getting the message out.

Like it or not … reviews really are the new word of mouth!