5 simple steps to getting reviews on Google My Business

Do you remember a time before Google? We’ve been around the internet long enough to remember when there were other search engines! These days, getting reviews on Google My Business is BIG business, so we thought we’d help by showing you how.

Okay, before you correct us, we know there are still others out there, but it is very fair to say that Google has become the most important search engine out there (sorry Bing).

One of the huge free opportunities that any business owner can take advantage of is Google My Business. What we love about it is that you can actually send your customers there to leave you a review. That way, not only can people find you on Google, they can also see what other customers have had to say about your business.

Here is our simple five step guide for how to get reviews on Google My Business:

Step 1 – You’ve got to be in it to win it!

You need to be on there. I know that sounds obvious but you’ll be amazed how many businesses aren’t! It is free, it takes seconds to set up and it makes your business MUCH more visible to potential clients and customers. If you don’t already have your free listing you can set yours up here – http://google.com/business

Top tip – Google may have already set up you page for you – Search Google for your business and if it’s there click on the ‘Claim this Business button)

Step 2 – Add information to your page…and lots of it!

Take a little bit of time to put in all the information Google My Business asks for, including photos (which can be your logo), address and opening times. The more information you put there, the more you’re helping Google do what they want to do – return accurate search results and give people exactly what they’re searching for.

Make sure your customers are happy with the service you provide. Happy customers make happy reviewers so treat every customer as if they are your next reviewer. Also, tell your staff what you’re doing and make sure you’re all working together to deliver the best service possble

Step 4 – Don’t be afraid to ask for a review…

Make it easy for your clients or customers to leave you a review. Ask them to do so, make sure they have the link, politely remind them if they’ve not done so (people are busy). Remember that people sometimes need a little push to get them over the line, so ask everyone and tell them why the reviews are so important to your business.

Step 5 – Make it as easy for people to leave you a review…

If you want to make it REALLY easy for your clients to leave reviews, order your first pack of Review Cards – our customers get more reviews, because they make it so easy for their customers to do so.

We all have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage out there. Helping people who have loved our service to tell the world through Google is a huge part of that opportunity. Even better, so many businesses are rubbish at getting reviews that if you put some effort into it, prospective new customers will not only find you on Google, but be able to see just how much your existing customers love you – which has got to be great for business.

We hope this article has helpful – for more information about local SEO for small businesses why not follow our blog


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