TripAdvisor reviews for Restaurants

This video is all about TripAdvisor reviews for Restaurants and how you can get more of the 5 star reviews you deserve!

As a restaurant owner you’ll know that the best time to ask a customer for a review is right after they’ve finished their meal. They’ve had a great time and enjoyed the experience so now’s the time to act.

Actively encourage your serving staff to ask “How was everything?”, and once the customer says “everything was great!” – that’s the perfect opportunity to ask your them for a review.

The problem is while they agree that they will leave you a glowing review, it’s time for them to leave and life catches up with them. They forget or they put it off, or just find it too awkward to find the right page and click on all the links that takes them to the right place so they can leave you the review they have promised…

Well not anymore…

With our Unique Review Cards for Restaurants system, after the customers heaps praise upon the member of staff for the service they’ve received and the quality of food they’d enjoyed, that same staff member says.

“If you’ve been impressed with our service, please take a moment to share your experience on Google. As a local business, we value your support.”

They give them a customised TripAdvisor review card and hey presto, while you get their bill, they have ample time to leave you the 5 star review you deserve.

And on the review card there’s even a place for your staff member to write their name so the Customer can mention them specifically…

If the customer doesn’t have a Smart phone to scan the QR Code, they can take the card away with them, giving you a much better chance of getting a review than if you gave them nothing.

It’s a no brainer.

TripAdvisor reviews for Restaurants

Here’s how they work.

Step One.

Give your client a customised Review Card

Step Two.

They simply open their smart phone camera and scan the QR Code.

Step Three.

The QR code cuts through all the clicking and takes them directly to leave you your 5 star review.

Don’t worry if they can’t scan the QR Code. There’s a simple short link that does the same job.

This is how the short link works…

Step One.

Give your client a customised Review Card

Step Two.

They simply enter the short link on the Review Card into their PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile device.

Step Three.

The short link acts the same as the QR code, cutting though all the searching and clicking… taking them directly to where they leave you your 5 star review.

So, whether it’s scanning by phone or using the link, converting happy customers into 5 star reviewers is just three simple steps away.

It’s easy to order your customized Tripadvisor review cards, if you’re in the UK visit, if you’re in the US, its

And hey, if you want to leave us a review, our review link is www.bitly/recards.

Thanks for watching TripAdvisor reviews for Restaurants.

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