TripAdvisor Review Cards

One of most popular review cards and a truly effective way to get more TripAdvisor reviews.

500 TripAdvisor Review Cards

1000 TripAdvisor Review Cards

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2500 TripAdvisor Review Cards

Areas on the cards we can edit and personalize.

Review cards are fully personalized to your business and easy for customers to use. They include your logo, contact details and of course – the bespoke short link and QR code to your TripAdvisor page.

How do they work

Each set of review cards contains a ‘short link’ that’s unique to your business. When typed into a phone, tablet or PC, visitors will be taken straight to your Tripadvisor review page.

Here, they can simply tap on the stars and write a review which is posted immediately. For mobile phone users, it’s even more convenient as there’s a QR code which can be scanned for instant access.

Why more and more local businesses are using review cards to generate more 5 star customer reviews on their Tripadvisor page...

  • They are so simple to use – Customers can leave you an online review in seconds.
  • Eye-catching design – Professionally created featuring recognised Tripadvisor branding.
  • Custom quick links – A bespoke short code takes people directly to your review page.
  • Bespoke QR Code – Lets customers leave you a review on their mobile phone at the touch of a button.
  • Personalized information – Your business name and telephone number for future reference.

About Tripadvisor Review Cards

Please note:

TripAdvisor branded Review Cards are a great way for people to leave you great reviews. However, to ensure a more transparent and fairer review policy, visitors must use the Trip Advisor APP. If they haven’t previously done so, they will be automatically prompted to download it as part of the process.

Whether checking out of your hotel or dining in your restaurant – ensure every customer has a review card before they leave. Include it when you present their bill and don’t forget to prompt them for a review and thank them for their support.