Google Review Cards: The Easiest Way to Put Online Reviews to Work

Google Review Cards are the simplest way to put online reviews to work

How important is a Google review to a small business? Just ask the consumers you rely on.

Thumbs up for Google Review CardsStudies show that nearly 9 out of 10 shoppers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a family member or friend. Nearly 90% will read online reviews before visiting a business or buying a product. Good reviews build trust, and most importantly, customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with the best reviews.

There’s no doubt that Google reviews are digital gold for businesses.

Yet the fact remains: many small businesses simply aren’t doing enough to take advantage of Google reviews and other review sites.

Google Review Cards may be able to help you change that.

Why Online Reviews are So Important

The stats mentioned above look promising for small businesses, but it’s essential to understand why they matter.

For starters, reviews are an automatic credibility builder. They’re proof that you’re a legitimate business with real customers who have taken the time to share their experience. They provide insight into your business from a customer’s standpoint so that others can decide if you’re suited for their needs.

Whether or not you realize it, customers who are considering doing business with you will likely turn to the internet to learn more about you. If you don’t have any (or many) reviews, they won’t be able to learn as much about your business before visiting you.

But aside from the direct benefits to the customer, online reviews can also be powerful SEO boosters. Search engine algorithms tend to favor companies who have online reviews because they, too, see them as giving your business credibility. The search engine’s job is to provide the user with the most relevant searches, and they consider online reviews in their decision.

Google will gather results from multiple review sites (e.g. Yelp!, Google My Business, Trip Advisor, etc.). And since Google is the number one search engine in the world (nearly 70% of all searches), it’s important to play by Google’s rules to land a favorable spot in search results.

Reviews Don’t Always Happen Naturally

Some customers are inclined to talk about their experiences online, but the majority of people won’t — unless you ask them, that is.

Happy customers are likely to tell one or two people about their experiences, while unhappy customers may share with 9-15 people. Imagine if you had more unhappy customers leaving online reviews than your satisfied ones — your ratings would plummet!

It’s important to take every opportunity to boost your good reviews to outweigh the bad ones and reap all of the other benefits mentioned above. Most people will be happy to leave a review if you ask them, but you must be diligent in asking!

How Google Review Cards Can Boost Your Online Identity

Online reviews can be one of your most powerful (and least expensive) marketing tools, working around the clock and building greater value over time. But unless you can ask every customer to share their thoughts, you won’t be able to capitalize on these benefits to their fullest potential.

Google Reviews Cards provides an easy way to systematize your approach to collecting online reviews. Kind of like a business card, each card is custom-made for your business with a unique QR Code that sends users straight to your Google My Business page where they can drop a quick review or rating. This way, you can capitalize on your happy customers’ experience without risking they’ll forget to rate you!

Learn more about Google Review Cards and never miss a chance to earn some good publicity!

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