Convert happy customers into 5 star reviewers by simply giving them a card

Who do you want to get more reviews with?

Review cards are personalized to your business and simple to use allowing customers to leave you a review in seconds.

REVIEW CARDS...Helping your customers leave you the 5 star reviews your business deserves.

We all know that quality customer reviews are hugely important but equally hard to get – So how do you, as a successful business get more?

Review Cards - - get the 5 star reviews you deserve

The answer is simple yet cost effective...

Review cards... the easy way to convert happy customers into a 5 star reviewers

Why reviews are the lifeblood of the modern, local business?

"As a business owner, you’ll understand the importance of on-line reviews and the influence they can have on customer decision making. Today, more and more consumers will judge a business purely on the reviews they read and a having positive rating is essential if you are to attract more local trade."

Review Cards - - get the 5 star reviews you deserve

Does this sound familiar?

The promised review that never arrives...

You’ve just provided a great service or completed a top quality piece of work and your customer’s delighted – They say they will leave you a great review but before you know it, they have forgotten and it never materialises.

Review cards provide a simple solution ...

Thanks to the innovative ‘quick link’ that’s bespoke to your business, customers can leave you a great review in minutes. No fuss and certainly no awkward chase up calls...just great on-line reviews to help bolster your company’s on-line presence.

Why more and more local businesses are using review cards to generate more 5 star customer reviews...

  • They are so simple to use – Customers can leave you an on-line review in seconds.
  • Eye catching design – Professionally created featuring recognised branding.
  • Custom quick links - A bespoke, memorable short code takes people directly to your review page.
  • Bespoke QR Code – Lets customers leave you a review on their mobile phone at the touch of a button.
  • Personalised information – Your business name, logo, telephone number and website for future reference.

Review Card's Dimensions

USA Card Size

UK Card Size

Premium quality cards - Printed in full color on 14pt gloss card.

Dimensions - 2 inches x 3.5 inches